About the Site

Where will everybody go now?

This was the over-riding thought process behind the idea for this website and the forum site. Since Chances was such a HUGE part of the community (myself included) and EVERYONE went there at some point, it seemed a shame for people to lose touch as they scatter to the other clubs around town. So, when I saw the Chances web domain name come up for auction, and me being a web designer, it seemed only natural to not let the domain be scooped up by some link building site or spam site from Asia as older expired domain names usually are. The memory of Chances deserved better than that. So after a week long auction, I secured the domain and set off towards developing and building the sites.

It is my hope that everyone will sign up for the forum, where you will be able to post messages, images and links to events and happenings. That way everyone can keep up with all the various community events and reach out to other former patrons, to stay in touch. A little online community of sorts for those who miss Chances by those who miss Chances. This site is a work in progress that all of you will be a part of. This site is meant to be a place for EVERYONE who wants to be a part of it. As the forum takes off, some of those posts will be presented here, you can send in images to post in the gallery or the forum. This is our virtual scrapbook and message board.

For those who are curious as to who "I" am...this is Cindy, and most of you likely know me from Fluff the Kat. I worked at Chances for over 7 years from 2000-2007 and Fluff was the house band at Chances from 2003-2007. So Chances was like a home base to me as well. Which is why I had a vested interest in saving the domain name from the website scavengers of the world. Chances was always about the ladies (and guys) who went there for a good time. We all have lots of Chances memories, most of them good (sometimes crazy) for sure. I met lots of wonderful, warm and welcoming people in the patrons of Chances and I will always have VERY fond memories of time shared there with friends. (especially Thursday nights ;o) ) Many thanks go out the owners and their families for keeping Chances going for 16 years. As well as all the many bartenders and staff who always worked to help us have a good time. In Houston, 16 years is a pretty impressive run for any club. I hope this site does justice to the legacy of the best  parts of Chances (all of you), and I hope y'all keep in touch!


P.S. Again, just as a disclaimer, this site is NOT being run by the owners of Chances, although I hope they might choose to participate in the forum as well. This site is NOT doing business as Chances. This is simply a tribute site for the former patrons of Chances to keep in touch and share memories of good times spent there.

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