Welcome to Chances Bar Tribute Site

This tribute site is meant to be a place where the former Patrons of Chances can keep up with each other and what's going on in the community. BY those who miss Chances, FOR those who miss Chances. Whether you called Chances home or not, odds are, if you frequented the bar, you had more good times than bad. Many thanks to the owners and their families for keeping Chances going for 16 years. No haters here, please. Let's focus on the good times and keeping in touch! Chances Bar closed its' doors for business on November 20, 2010.

DISCLAIMER - This site is NOT run by the owners of Chances (although we hope they will participate as well) and this site is NOT doing business as Chances. We are just a site for former patrons of Chances Bar to stay in touch and reminisce the good times shared.